Saturday, December 1, 2007

we found a place!

So, we are still living in the East Village, only in a way better area (5 blocks from where we just were... but more IN the village than on the outskirts).

We are here until March 1... yes, another sublet, but whatever! We love it!

Who would have thought this capricorn roommate of mine would be so excited to move from place to place every few months?!

But for real for real: our next place will be a year lease. For real.

We literally didn't have a place to live for a hot minute. We found out less than 24 hours before we had to move that we got this place. Livin' on the edge. The stressful stressful edge.

BIG THANKS to our pal, Jeremy who helped us move. We were done moving into a 3rd floor walk-up by 5pm! Wow. Then we passed out!

This apartment is pretty small, but cute and on a great block! It was pretty loud last night - like I-can't-fall-back-to-sleep-loud. I felt like the girl in a movie I saw once that moves to the big city and can't sleep (although I think she was hearing guns shots... I was not. Thank God).

So... here we are... our 3rd apartment. We are crazy.

p.s. It's FREEZING.

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