Thursday, December 27, 2007

see what happens when you go into a Spencers "gift store"?

I cannot tell you how much Michael and laughed when we bought this "bitch" sign. We bought it before we even moved, brought it to New York and turned it on. We dreamt of putting it in the window, but because we were on the upper west side we kept it on the bookshelf.

Then we moved to the east village and it was more of a probability that the sign would now be placed in the window.

Then we had the grand idea to go to Target (you may have already read about that trip to Target in a previous blog). Anyway, I have always wanted a yoga ball. You know, the big blue yoga ball? It's fun to sit on. My ex boyfriend's mom had one when we were in high school. I wanted one, so I bought one. Michael looked at me like I was crazy. (I was/am.)

So, we had our yoga ball and somehow some sort of physical fight ensued. This isn't as uncommon as you might imagine. They are actually quite fun, but this one ended in a broken "bitch" sign. I was running away from Michael when he picked up the yoga ball and threw it at me. Of course I moved out of the way! And it hit the "bitch" and she fell slowly to the ground. It was like slow motion, but there was no helping her. We kept it, but it doesn't work.
Now look at her! Sigh.

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