Tuesday, December 18, 2007

december 18th? already? ...really?

Jesus, time flies in New York City. Let me tell ya.

So, it is almost Christmas and we have no tree! How sad. We are so busy!

If we get one you will be sure to receive pictures.

So... it's also almost New Years Eve/Michael's birthday and it's our first one in NYC, so we are excited. We are off work that night - we requested that shit like a month ago.

What should we do?

I am worried that I will put too much pressure on us having fun that night (although I think it may be impossible for the roommates not to have fun - yes, we refer to eachother as simply "roommate" now. I am not kidding. The other day our room divider was falling and all I could muster was silence... silence... "ROOMMATE!!!"

We were like, "we don't even refer to eachother by our real names anymore". Bizarre.)

What was I saying...? Oh yeah... too much pressure on NYE. For example: My senior prom sucked hard core because I wanted it to be the perfect night. I had the perfect dress (it really was... it was green, I fucking love that dress!)... but Zach and I ended up getting into a fight and didn't even take PICTURES at prom - you know the one where you stand and the corsage is like bling and you look awkward, but you have to take them and give them to all your friends? Yeah.

It's funny because I was on the yearbook staff and I got to do the prom page and totally put a picture of Zach and I on it that someone else had taken of us on the dance floor pre-fight! LOL...

I got to do other pages and would just put up pictures of my friends. I love that senior year yearbook. Ha!

Anyway, I just can't stay on topic today, but I think this ecard I just found says it all:

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