Monday, December 31, 2007



Sweeney Todd.

We saw SWEENEY TODD today. Any thoughts?

Happy Birthday, ROOMMERS!



Thursday, December 27, 2007

just a touch of NYC photography...

roommers on a bench.
we frequently pass this fountain.

these book shelves are all plays!

this picture just says, "American in Paris" to me, for mom.

another spot i frequently pass. such a beautiful church.


the view from our first sublet on the upper west side. we spent so many nights on this roof.

upper west side flower box.

a common sight.

cliche, i know, but i took this picture with no flash and just held out my arm while we were walking to the gershwin theatre to see Wicked. i think it came out pretty well considering the carelessness with which it was taken.

sheep meadow in central park. a dream come true.

see what happens when you go into a Spencers "gift store"?

I cannot tell you how much Michael and laughed when we bought this "bitch" sign. We bought it before we even moved, brought it to New York and turned it on. We dreamt of putting it in the window, but because we were on the upper west side we kept it on the bookshelf.

Then we moved to the east village and it was more of a probability that the sign would now be placed in the window.

Then we had the grand idea to go to Target (you may have already read about that trip to Target in a previous blog). Anyway, I have always wanted a yoga ball. You know, the big blue yoga ball? It's fun to sit on. My ex boyfriend's mom had one when we were in high school. I wanted one, so I bought one. Michael looked at me like I was crazy. (I was/am.)

So, we had our yoga ball and somehow some sort of physical fight ensued. This isn't as uncommon as you might imagine. They are actually quite fun, but this one ended in a broken "bitch" sign. I was running away from Michael when he picked up the yoga ball and threw it at me. Of course I moved out of the way! And it hit the "bitch" and she fell slowly to the ground. It was like slow motion, but there was no helping her. We kept it, but it doesn't work.
Now look at her! Sigh.

"I am TRYING to read!"

Once upon a time a girl on the upper west side was trying to read a book about Emily Dickinson. This particular girl just happened to have a roommate that found pleasure in ruining her reading time. So... one day as the girl was trying to read said roommate turned on her hair dryer, placed on the floor near the door to the room and continued to shut the door, leaving the girl alone in a room with a hair dryer on high across the room from her. This would force the girl to get up from her comfortable position to turn off the device.
Little did said roommate know that the girl was a stubborn one (and was quite comfortable). Sure, the thought of a fire starting entered her mind, but she held her ground. Eventually the evil one walked in and turned it off, but not before taking it's picture.
The End.

fun at barnes (and noble)...

roommers comes back tonight!

Roommers comes back tonight at midnight! Yay!!!

It's almost his birthday! (he does not look 32...!)

This little bedroom is so empty without him... lol.

Welcome home, roommers!

just breathe.

Hwo, hwo, hwo, hwo, hwo, hwo, hwo, hwo, hwo, hwo, hwo, hwo, hwo, hwo, hwo...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

december 18th? already? ...really?

Jesus, time flies in New York City. Let me tell ya.

So, it is almost Christmas and we have no tree! How sad. We are so busy!

If we get one you will be sure to receive pictures.

So... it's also almost New Years Eve/Michael's birthday and it's our first one in NYC, so we are excited. We are off work that night - we requested that shit like a month ago.

What should we do?

I am worried that I will put too much pressure on us having fun that night (although I think it may be impossible for the roommates not to have fun - yes, we refer to eachother as simply "roommate" now. I am not kidding. The other day our room divider was falling and all I could muster was silence... silence... "ROOMMATE!!!"

We were like, "we don't even refer to eachother by our real names anymore". Bizarre.)

What was I saying...? Oh yeah... too much pressure on NYE. For example: My senior prom sucked hard core because I wanted it to be the perfect night. I had the perfect dress (it really was... it was green, I fucking love that dress!)... but Zach and I ended up getting into a fight and didn't even take PICTURES at prom - you know the one where you stand and the corsage is like bling and you look awkward, but you have to take them and give them to all your friends? Yeah.

It's funny because I was on the yearbook staff and I got to do the prom page and totally put a picture of Zach and I on it that someone else had taken of us on the dance floor pre-fight! LOL...

I got to do other pages and would just put up pictures of my friends. I love that senior year yearbook. Ha!

Anyway, I just can't stay on topic today, but I think this ecard I just found says it all:

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

the new bedroom...

here are some pictures of our mostly set-up apartment. yes, we SHARE
a room, literally. but, it's sooooo cute and we live in
the middle of the most wonderful city in the world!

the christmas lights at night (night being 5pm...)

ghetto xmas lights!

Here is a shot of our ghetto xmas lights! I will take another one at night... maybe it will look better then... ;)


Coby: Did you just fart?

Michael: No, that was my mouth.


we are finally unpacking and setting up!

FINALLY we are unpacking more than ever and setting up an apartment!!!
YAYYY!!!! It looks so cute!

first snow!!!

Here is a picture from our window on the 3rd floor - first snow = December 1, 2007!
So exciting!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Coby Kay's NYC debut!

My New York City stage debut is fast approaching!

December 11, 2007 (Tuesday)

at Dont Tell Mama's in the theatre district!

I will be singing 2 songs... which I haven't picked out yet!!! Ahhhh!

ONLY $5 at the door.


The Smith

If we aren't at home we are probably here:

This is an old picture of The Smith before it became all pretty! We went to training when it looked like this for hours everyday. We only live 2.5 blocks from this location! Can I tell you how thrilled we are about that!?!? Can you walk to work in 7 minutes?...

So, Michael and I really like working here. We love the owners and our bosses. I am sorry we (I mean "I") never blog anymore, but work has been crazy. Opening a new restaurant in NYC is crazy, but so much fun. We work with some characters! Love it!

I may also have some news soon about work concerning myself. But I'll wait for now... ;)

Come visit us at The Smith: 3rd Ave. (between 10th and 11th Streets)

we found a place!

So, we are still living in the East Village, only in a way better area (5 blocks from where we just were... but more IN the village than on the outskirts).

We are here until March 1... yes, another sublet, but whatever! We love it!

Who would have thought this capricorn roommate of mine would be so excited to move from place to place every few months?!

But for real for real: our next place will be a year lease. For real.

We literally didn't have a place to live for a hot minute. We found out less than 24 hours before we had to move that we got this place. Livin' on the edge. The stressful stressful edge.

BIG THANKS to our pal, Jeremy who helped us move. We were done moving into a 3rd floor walk-up by 5pm! Wow. Then we passed out!

This apartment is pretty small, but cute and on a great block! It was pretty loud last night - like I-can't-fall-back-to-sleep-loud. I felt like the girl in a movie I saw once that moves to the big city and can't sleep (although I think she was hearing guns shots... I was not. Thank God).

So... here we are... our 3rd apartment. We are crazy.

p.s. It's FREEZING.