Thursday, December 27, 2007

"I am TRYING to read!"

Once upon a time a girl on the upper west side was trying to read a book about Emily Dickinson. This particular girl just happened to have a roommate that found pleasure in ruining her reading time. So... one day as the girl was trying to read said roommate turned on her hair dryer, placed on the floor near the door to the room and continued to shut the door, leaving the girl alone in a room with a hair dryer on high across the room from her. This would force the girl to get up from her comfortable position to turn off the device.
Little did said roommate know that the girl was a stubborn one (and was quite comfortable). Sure, the thought of a fire starting entered her mind, but she held her ground. Eventually the evil one walked in and turned it off, but not before taking it's picture.
The End.

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SANTINA said...

nice freaking socks elphaba