Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Smith

If we aren't at home we are probably here:

This is an old picture of The Smith before it became all pretty! We went to training when it looked like this for hours everyday. We only live 2.5 blocks from this location! Can I tell you how thrilled we are about that!?!? Can you walk to work in 7 minutes?...

So, Michael and I really like working here. We love the owners and our bosses. I am sorry we (I mean "I") never blog anymore, but work has been crazy. Opening a new restaurant in NYC is crazy, but so much fun. We work with some characters! Love it!

I may also have some news soon about work concerning myself. But I'll wait for now... ;)

Come visit us at The Smith: 3rd Ave. (between 10th and 11th Streets)

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