Tuesday, October 23, 2007

tuesday nights rock!

tuesday nights are fun.
less tourists = more fun.

but the best thing about tonight is this $5 comedy show we go to (thanks to Matthew, whom suggested we check it out - he's the guy we are subletting from this time).
tonight on the roster: Demetri Martin.
he's hil-arious.
can't wait.

then, as our tuesday night ritual, we go to marie's crisis with the tuesday night crew (that's what i call them) and Franca, the pianist. there is usually about 15 of us and we sing all night.
last week the really annoying italian man, who insists on calling me "Maggie" (he got this from A Chorus Line because he's obsessed), spilled an entire beer in my lap. that sucked.
i hope this week he is a little less crazy and a little less in everyone's face.

i am NOT prejudice, but the amount of foreigners in this city is outstanding. i guess i was naive to this fact previous to living here. ask Dawn. she met one. ;)

sometimes i am just in love with the diversity and i smile as i pass a group of people speaking passionately in French or some more obscure language. other times i think to myself, "is it really ok to do that in your country or are you just crazy?"

i love this planet.

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