Monday, October 22, 2007

How was your weekend?

Boy OH boy. Where do I start?

Let's start with this: Kris and Jim were in town this weekend and subletted a quaint little apartment in the west village.
Let's just say Michael and I lived half of our weekend in the west village and half at our real home in the east. Yes, currently we are wicked witches of the east.
Once upon a time we lived in the upper west side with all the rich people. I think now we are more where we belong.

As I was saying... we met some great people this weekend, but one in particular stands out because he actually kept up with us. And by "kept up" I mean he never ran out of wit or alcohol or a recycling Jesus joke. His name is Jeremy and he is awesome. Michael & I decided. If you ever sublet, sublet in Jeremy's building. It's fun. Bring scotch.
So, we met Jeremy through Kris and Jim (their sublet), as he was a neighbor.
Friday night we went to the Duplex because they have this fabulous open mic night, if you will, but it's all broadway and piano. I dig it. It rocks. It was a blast. I sang, Kris sang, and lots of other talented people sang. Talented singers in New York? I know! It's crazy talk.
We slept at Jim and Kris'. (Just like old times...)
The next night we went back to the Duplex for some karaoke. It sucked. I remembered why I like live piano so much more. And now I am a piano snob. Karaoke blows and only losers do karaoke because they need the words. (Wow...)
This is boring.
All you need to know s that we think we just had the most fun we've had in NYC thus far. This weekend fucking rocked.
I cried last night when I realized how much I missed Kris. Then he snuck out of the bar and let Jim break the news to me (about how he hates goodbyes, etc.). Some things never change.

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