Wednesday, October 24, 2007

mad at your roommate?

are you mad at your roommate?
just can't take it anymore?
think quietly to yourself,
"he's an asshole,"
"i wish she'd shut the fuck up,"
"i hope he gets a job soon,"
"why did i move here with her"?

well we have a safe and easy way to
release stress without ending your
we do what we call lamaze, which is a
heavy breathing, usually associated
with childbirth, but in this case one
may use it to release air instead of
harmful words. sometimes the breathing
is an extremely deep breath, sometimes
they are small little breaths. noise may
be added, depending on the level of
annoyance and anger.

so, good luck living with the person that
used to be your best friend.

"deal with it," as the little bitchy girl
on Kid Nation would say.

Oh! I almost forgot: Stuffed animals
may be used to release the stress as
well. Then it turns funny and you're
bff's again.

try this! i swear it works.

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